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Where are we heading for – something like Corporate Communism?

The term Corporate Communism looks rather contradictory. But based on experience we know that when contradictory endeavors are overdone to the extreme, the result can be similar. Moreover, already the systems calling themselves democratic display features which appeared in the communist ones, especially extensive lies, and an addition of unlawful wars. Apart from that, I have not been able to find a better term for describing where we are heading for.

A few last years indicate certain direction of the group of countries which we joined by becoming a member of the EU. Unfortunately it does not look too positive – in previous blogs I aimed mostly at the topic of wars, where it looks dangerous and uncertain. But the other spheres do not look optimistic either.

You see, wars are a tricky device from many points of view. They do pull the economies of the participant countries, especially those of weapons producers – a part of corporates, and also financial magnates. This „positive“ influence (I apologize for the use of this adjective, see further on) also has an opposite effect – it is a kind of consumption which does not provide anything (except destruction and death, but that „somewhere else“). It is paid by the state from the taxes of the citizens, provides employment to a part of population, and enormous profits to a small group of weapons production owners and financial magnates. If the expenses of the countries involved also included reparations of war, and these were supposed to be paid by weapons producers, the situation – „profitability of this type of enterprise“ – would change enormously. But that would require that the International Law were valid, or rather respected. Thus we have arrived at the first basic feature of the Corporate Communism – International Law is ignored and was replaced by the Right of the Stronger (a complex description in Slovak see blog Domino Svetík: Absurdné divadlo západnej demokracie, or also malina: Dnes tu prebieha konflikt s vojnovými štváčmi, ktorí riskujú jadrovú vojnu, and other, in English e.g. ).

I already dealt also with the fact, that gradually the whole population is getting under the influence of the plots of secret services and one-sided official media. US are the „leaders“ in this aspect, however, here in the EU we hurry to become their true followers. Unconstitutional influence of the CIA on both the elections themselves, and the political set-up after the elections, is plain to see. But, as it seems, Europe, like a diligent pupil, works on that point too: e.g. our president Kiska in a speech in the NATO Headquarters said, that an alternative opinion different from that desired by NATO, should be considered as an artificial one and a result of the Russian influence, which means it cannot be an authentic opinion of the author, but in reality Russian Propaganda, and that must be fought. Thus he joined the building of another basic feature of the Corporate Communism – gradual wiping out of the freedom of speech. But, applying his logic to himself, the source of his opinions, including the above one, is the US propaganda. However, he was not the first, already in 2014 the then British premier minister in a speech against ISIS and its propaganda urged to limit the freedom of speech – but during the course of speech he deviated from ISIS propaganda and included the critics of the official version of the 9/11. He even openly admitted he awaits opposition „Of course some will argue that this is not compatible with free speech and intellectual inquiry“.

Let us move over to the further basic features – socio-economic ones, though the last one belongs here too – but wiping out the freedom of speech and other freedoms must be approached from more directions and gradually. I will start in the US again, where the deformed distribution of wealth already reached deformation corresponding to the era of feudalism. In the degree corresponding to that the feudals also influence mechanisms of the control of the state (by non-constitutional means so far of course, using secret services apparently), by virtue of which they manage to keep strengthening their positions – a spiral development. So far nobody knows where and how this spiral ends, but the assessments concerning the world economy in case of further deformation of the distribution of wealth are pessimistic, also according to economic institutions, all of them, including the most right-wing ones – worthy to mention.

This degree of the deformation of society with respect to the distribution of wealth has not yet caught up with Europe, but it looks like certain circles, who see their chance of becoming feudal lords, fight. They have a simple tool at hand – trade agreements of the CETA and TTIP type. After these are approved our local governments will be positioned under the hyper-national corporations, and these will be able to require – force to a certain degree – adjustments of our laws towards enabling increase of the rate of profit (to the rate they have calculated). That would of course cause dropping many of the social parameters of our economies. The states would be governed more by the Corporates that by the governments, which would surely lead to the gradual change in the distribution of wealth following the US model – the next of the basic features of the Corporate Communism. But just a remainder here: the spiral end is not known, since the transfer of wealth from the majority growing poorer to the minority growing richer contains an automatic „stop“ built in: production – the corporates – works for the consumption, represented by the majority whose buying power will diminish, thus causing a fall of consumption and a crash of the economy – just wars cannot save that. Maybe that too – a system crash – is one of the features of the Corporate Communism? But so far I have not found any theory of a restart of mankind (I hope the movie The Planet of Apes would not apply, but maybe it was a long shot of a genius?).

And our media, following the example of the mainstream ones of the US, would get under the ownership, or exclusive influence of, the corporates, and by virtue of that into the state of today’s New York Times, or Washington Post, (how about our RTVS?) which for a few weeks after 9/11 were really writing the truth, and today it is years since they have only been writing produce from the Göbbels’s workshop. Then the freedom of speech could disappear completely, and the Corporate Communism would be established. The people, whose support by the state against the corporates would gradually disappear, would have no more chance. However, we have no idea where at that time the above mentioned spiral of deformed wealth and economy crash would get. Still, we should do something against this direction of development. Many think that a beginning of changing this direction lies in an official revaluation of the 9/11 – that is pushing the US towards a real investigation, as this „attack“, organized from within, was the starting point of this whole present „epoch“ of spreading around the Corporate Communism from the US into the world. It could just as well start by getting out of NATO.

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