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What is EU lifespan part 3 TTIP and CETA

In my two previous blogs on this topic I concentrated my criticism of EU behavior into the following two main points:

Ignoring the deadly spiral of armament, wars and death of the US ruling Feudal Lords and keeping the pose of their partner, while looking more like a servant, as those wars and the consequent rise of tension could lead to a world war, and have caused immense damages and also human lives of over 2 million;

Using a “clandestine” operating mode also in all other important matters, like the dangerous agreements CETA and TTIP, which could lead to some major changes in Europe, causing e.g. (just a short overview, see the link below for a wider list):

    1. loss of national sovereignty (including EU sovereignty) to foreign and domestic concerns and business groups, opening the possibility for those to file lawsuits against national governments for “regulations which prevent them from making profits which they calculated”. This could gradually lead to loss of the European social systems, which make the labor costs in Europe higher than in the US,

    2. loss of protection from genetically modified organisms and dangerous chemicals in our food, as North American countries do not require preventive checks of foodstuffs, only eventual follow up checks after complaints,

    3. loss of agriculture: the US agriculture produces much cheaper, since it uses Monsanto GMOs and their special Monsanto herbicide called glyphosate, whose possible negative effect on human health has been proved in the meantime, and no real investigation of the eventual effects of the GMOs themselves was done. To explain the Monsanto idea: the original purpose was that the farmers could just saw and sprinkle with glyphosate and no more work was needed, as the GMOs were genetically manipulated to resist glyphosate, while it killed the weeds. After some years of using this strategy it gradually turned out that a side product of Monsanto genetic manipulation are “superweeds”, resistant to glyphosate, which may have copied the resistance genetic modification from the GMOs and are moreover mechanically stronger than the original weeds. They are becoming quite a problem, many farmers leave some fields due to superweeds with which they are not equipped to fight. This is a really good example of underestimation of the power of nature typical for some types of people calling themselves researchers. I do not know the extent of unemployment these agreements could cause in agriculture, or eventually to the quality of food, which we have so far managed to preserve.

A more complete list of the possible negative („liquidation“ maybe) effects these two agreements could have on Europe are listed on the „Stop TTIP, stop CETA“ web page: .

The question which springs up automatically – which group of people in Europe could be interested in these agreements coming through? I do not really know, so I try to guess – the rich Europeans who wish to become EU Feudal Lords. Our European Lords – although not as powerful as the US Feudal Lords , as we have not slipped back to feudalism yet (see the previous blog, distribution of wealth in the US, or below) – say that the above mentioned trade agreements will bring enormous profits to both sides. I am quite sure that is not true if we calculate all we could lose as a “side effect”, which in the end could be costly. Moreover, if it does bring profits, the wealth will be accumulated by the corporates and not by the people. It is quite possible that the EU corporates count on becoming as strong Feudal lords as those of the USA. This would of course mean that the EU representatives are planning to gradually install an EU version of feudalism. The US version has gradually shifted the structure of the US economy in favor of military production, as the deformed structure of the society does not create sufficient demand for other types of goods, while demand for weapons is being created by the US and UK secret services plotting in a sufficient amount, as proved by ever rising production of weapons. To remind us – in 2012 the upper 0.1% of the US families (that is one thousandth) owned as much as the bottom 90% – I do not dare to guess what is the aim of the potential EU Feudal Lords in this respect, however, there is no doubt that if these plans go on, the final result will be the end of Europe as we know it today, wiping out the European Culture, with culture in its broadest sense as derived from „cult“.

Now, if we intend to redirect this EU drift, we are already running out of time.

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