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EU is alarmed, media say

As we learned from our papers, Mrs. Federica Mohegrini – the EU High Representative for foreign relations and security – is „alarmed“. So am I, so I got interested, I rarely share opinions with EU High Representatives. Also the sphere of alarm – foreign relations and security – added to arousing my interest, so I read it carefully.

The article was very well written, but after finishing it I found that apart from pleasant reading I learnt, or rather have had some well known facts confirmed: Part 1 – our top-level EU representatives are entirely cut off from the real world of some parts of Europe and attempt to apply some kind of right-wing ideology consisting of empty phrases. Part 2 – unfortunately they try the same in relation to Europe’s security.

So, as to Part 1Time seems to confirm the opinion that the creation of the state of Kosovo, not in accordance with the international law (and using an entirely unlawful procedure, as reported by a certain participant Czech diplomat), created a gunpowder barrel in the Balkans. This for Serbia was a serious damage, and I feel that I should remind us that prior to that it was bombed by two NATO states. Today the situation is practically insolvable, as Kosovo has existed for some time, and returning it back into Serbia would be a great problem of course.

Now I will smoothly get over to Part 2, and compare this situation to another one – the annexof Crimea by Russia. Crimea was always Russian, it was “assigned” to Ukraine by Chruščov (Khrushchev) as late as 1953, practically for technical reasons, it was not inhabited by Ukrainians, but by Russians and Tartars. Crimea has returned under Russia on the basis of a plebiscite, respecting the voting of an overwhelming majority of its citizens. Moreover, there is one more factor in this game Agreement on dissolution of the Warsaw Pact contains two basic moments:

  • NATO will not expand further east
  • Crimea remains Ukrainian

At the time of the Crimea plebiscite, and subsequent return of Crimea to Russia, NATO already extended to the border of Ukraine, in the North practically to the Russian border, and in the south to the Black sea. So, to state the position clearly: the agreement was first breached by NATO, and the position was lasting and worsening for years, only then the Russians reacted by canceling their part of the agreement, practically already wiped out by NATO. Moreover, if the EU recognizes an independent Kosovo, it has to recognize also Russian Crimea, and stop playing the swindler’s US one-eyed game. EU has created Kosovo, and now cannot deal with the problem, Russia solved the Crimea problem in the way which respects the self-determination right of its citizens, and has no problems with it. Why should Crimea return under Ukraine if its citizens do not want to? Because this is what US and their vassal EU want? This really is not a sufficient reason. But it proves the degree of blindness, which is not a good signal for the future of the EU, if representatives of other spheres show a similar feature. And the rise of radical parties should also be attributed to ladies and gentlemen of this type, people are not blind, they see that most problems are only solved formally, applying an ideology. And I have to say again we have had that before.

And the above mentioned blindness is becoming a danger for our security. EU representatives (high, but the lower ones too) watch passively the US positioning soldiers and weapons around (and rocket bases against Iran“), NATO is said to have a command post in Slovakia, which would probably be a target in case of a conflict. So they either do not have the knowledge to discern that this enhances the danger of a war starting in Europe, or we are complete vassals of the US and they do not care, or even move in this direction purposefully. But if the „extremists“ present a navigable plan of really lowering the tension in Europe – won’t we vote for them? This would practically position the standard political parties into the position of extremists – they are those who brought us here. EU really has a good reason to be alarmed, but that is not enough, since EU itself produces all that at the same time makes its officials alarmed. While maybe dropping the lying and moving towards world power behavior could make it, following the interests of its citizens, not those of weapons producers and geo-strategists (mostly from the US).

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